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The time of appearance of the first settlements of azerbaijanians in Estonia is not exactly known. At the end of the last century when russian was established as the language of study at the Tartu University there were already studying there several azerbaijanians who formed a Friendly Association of Azerbaijanian Students in Tartu. They established a literary circle, where they read and spread works of their writers and translated poems of Mirza Shafi Vazeh, M.P.Vagif and M.F.Ahhundov.

Beginning from 1851 German translations of Vazeh's lyrics could be found in Estonian libraries. Juhan Liiv, Gustav Wuiff and Anna Haava Estonianized Vazeh's poems. Under their influence there was awaken an interest of Estonian poets to Mirza Shaft's creation, Peeter Jacobson, for example, published in his book 5 poems of Mirza Shafi in Estonian. An outstanding figure of the Estonian literature F.R.Kreutzwald translated into folk language the muhammasi of famous M.P.Vagif and published it in the newspaper "Sakala" in 1878. In the 20-th century G.Roots, A.Ilves, S.Vissak, E.Hansen and E.M^lgand turned their eyes to Azerbaijani literature. The poet Ly Seppel, who had studied at the Azerbaijani State University in Baku (1967-1968), was distinguished among the others. Her wonderful translations have given the Estonian readers an opportunity to get to know the Azerbaijani literature and helped to develop cultural links between two nations.

Nowadays the Cultural Association "Odcag" (Hearth) established in 1988 continue the past traditions of the Azerbaijani students. In 1996 the Association "Odcag" was reregistered in the AZERBAIJANI COMMUNITY(chairman is Nijazi Hadzijev) , it represents an important part in Estonian and Azerbaijani cultural links and arranges concerts, exhibitions, sports events and days of Azerbaijani culture in Estonia.

The main task of COMMUNITY is cultural and educational activities, and it takes an active part also in Estonian public life.

The newspaper "Odcag" supports substantially the contacts and relationship between the Estonian Azerbaijanis, the newspaper with Vidadi Mamedov as an editor has been published since 1989.

In addition, the COMMUNITY has its own TV-program on Video-kanal, acting manager of which is Rafik Zulfijev.

Beginning from 1990 an Azerbaijani Sunday school "Odcag" has been working in Tallinn, where children leam their native language, national songs and dances. Aida Kerimova is a teacher of a dance circle at this school.

About 2000 Azerbaijanians live in Estonia now. The COMMUNITY is Narva str.-38,Tallinn,tel.3726410162,E-mail,