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Hello my dear friends!

On November the 15th a premiere of a movie called „Bloody January“ took place at an annual film festival „PÖFF“. The movie depicts tragic events of January 1990 in Azerbaijan. During this period of time, Azerbaijan was fighting against the Soviet Union for its sovereignity. On the 20th of January 1990, Soviet army forces brutally entered the capital city of Azerbaijan, Baku and killed about 200 innocent people, who were just trying to protect their country's dignity.
Huge interest was shown against the movie by young people as well as the older people. The cinema hall was overcrowded with young and elderly people, who came to show up their respect and support for the film director – Vahid Mustafayev. The movie provoked the most sincere emotions and feelings and most of the female participants couldn't hold their tears.
After the seance, Vahid Mustafayev met with the representatives of the Azerbaijan society in Estonia and the young people who had come to see the movie. They exchanged their thoughts and feelings. Vahid Mustafayev was repeatedly thanked for his creation which opened our eyes upon some aspects that until then had been hidden from us.
That kind of movies broaden our horizons, helping us to acknowledge the realistic side of the events happening in the world and in our own history. The movie is going to be repeatedly shown on the 27th of November at 17:00 in Tallinn, Apollo Solaris cinema and 28th of November in Tartu Ekraan 2 cinema. I frankly reccomend everyone to take this time and go see the movie. It wil give you an unforgettable impression and incredible pride for your country and nationality.
The nation that has lost its togetherness is bound to collapse.

Always yours, Leila Katšajeva